About Us


Ryan Tyre is the photographer that started In Style Photography in Tampa, Fl originally with “RST Studios”.

Armed with an education in digital photography from International Academy of Design and Technology, he has set out on a goal to capture your most precious and intimate memories.

Over the years, he has seen how life can pass you by in an instant. With two daughters of his own, he has seen the need to slow down the “clock”, capture and enjoy those moments that make us laugh and smile.

Unfortunately , although he has tried, he hasn’t found a way to make a time machine! So instead, he has devised a way to control time, to “freeze” your memories and capture those emotions.

Through re-branding, La Moda (In Style) Studios was born and has morphed into a new and polished In Style Photography.

Now based in Myrtle Beach, SC., In Style Photography has three main areas of expertise: Photo Restoration, Portriat Photography and Commercial Photography.

If there are any services you need that do not fall into those categories please do not hesitate to email as In Style Photography can almost always meet your needs no matter the job.